Monday, March 28, 2011

Great to be a part of the Team!

Greetings to all my fellow team members,
I am excited about meeting everyone in July but until that time, I thought I might try a little digital communication. As an introduction, I just wanted to say I am an artist who supported herself by working in commercial construction for 12 years.... bridges, high rise buildings etc. I learned to admire the courage and skill of the workers. I found the power and scale of industry beautiful but I also got a look at the darker side. Now I often work on design teams with landscape architects and engineers to disconnect the pipes and find alternates. ... such as bioswales and water quality ponds etc. My relationship to the landscape is (shall we say) complex.

Anyway, this is a long ramble to say that I am a huge fan of the writer John Brinkerhoff Jackson. I do not even know how to describe him... I believe he was a Landscape Architect who wrote about the cultural landscape.
My favorite book of his is "Discovering the Vernacular Landscape". Has anyone else read it? Thoughts?

Best, Linda