Thursday, May 12, 2011

CAD files and aerial photos

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.

Does anyone have access to CAD files covering the mine site and surrounding area? I am thinking specifically of .DWG or .DXF files. These might be used in AutoCAD or other vector design software.

These might prove very useful during the residency... and I would like to have a look at them, and to start playing around with them, before arrival if possible.

Some educational institutions give free access to these kind of files to staff/students - I can get them, but only for the UK. Otherwise it is sometimes possible to buy them, which I will also look into. If you are in education and you don't have access, do you know anyone in the architecture/ landscape architecture department who might?

The mining company may already have some, or possibly even local authorities.... it would be great to have as much of the surrounding area as possible.

Also historical aerial photos - I know the armed forces have been taking aerial photos since at least the '40s, and sometimes those are available as resources too...


  1. I'll make some inquiries. The gov files take some incredible sluething.

  2. Thanks Grant,

    If you find any contacts I'd be happy to send out emails or whatever helps.

  3. I might be able to dig up something for you. We have GIS files of all mining claims and such, but they tend to be wildly inaccurate. We have GIS and autoCAD files for much of the area. But detailed files of the Ute Ulay I'm not sure about. We're a little bit (lotta bit) behind on mapping here in Hinsdale county. Maybe some aerials... I'll talk to my supervisor and see what we can send you.

  4. Hey Casey. That would be great, any information, even wildly inaccurate, is a start! I wanted to prepare files for use during the residency, and start to understand the general lay of the land. Thanks very much!

  5. This is exciting, and although I am not well versed in autoCAD I would be interested in playing around with any available information as well. I have been scouting around in google earth, but perhaps there is a bit more refined information available. hehe