Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Beginning...

The Hardrock Revision blog now contains all the elements of the vision that we came up with during our month-long residency. The Colorado Art Ranch, and the team of artists and scientists have returned to our homes - leaving us with memories of a beautiful place, interesting people, fun, and hard work.

The Mill in February

But the influence of this project does not end here. I (Becky) am back here in Lake City; having got some funding from MIRIAD, I am in the process of developing a masterplan for the Ute Ulay. This project is the next step towards making development at the Ute Ulay a reality, and would never have been conceived without the Hardrock Revision. So many, many thanks to Colorado Art Ranch, all the other residents and participants, organisations, community members here in Lake City, and everyone who supported the Hardrock Revision in so many ways.

Details of the next project are on the new blog, so take a look and see what is happening next...

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