Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amplifying a Vision

By Bland

(Image courtesy of Social Innovation Solutions)

In a recent trip to Silverton Colorado, the Hard Rock Revision Team presented their initial ‘sketch’ vision for the Ute Ulay mine to a crowd at the Mountain Studies Institute. Overall the presentation went well, minus the lack of visual information we had yet to generate to illustrate the vision. What is transpiring is a menu of options and ideas that extend the boundaries of possibility for the Ute Ulay mine.

The innovative nature of many of the ideas is a direct response to one of the goals the team established – not to feel bored with the ideas we are pursuing. Whereby most of the community feedback was centered around preserving buildings, or having the opportunity to stay on the site, our preliminary vision did not extend well beyond these actions. During a picnic with Stan Whinnery, Hinsdale the County Commissioner, we asked him what his ideal vision was for the site. Commissioner Winnery basically summed up what we had come up with over the past 3 weeks in a short 2 minute pitch. It was at this moment that I thought (assumably with others), “what have we done for the past 3 weeks?” This realization jumpstarted the ideation process as we all tapped into our last reserves for the final week.

The results speak for themselves. Ideas evolved and turned into wonderful examples of creativity and innovation, balancing preservation and deep rooted heritage.

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