Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jesus of the Adit, aka Christ of the Mines

We took the Alpine Loop yesterday over to Silverton to tour the Old 100 Mine and Mayflower Mill, as well as give a talk about our project at the Mountain Studies Institute.

First we stopped at Animus Forks, an old mining ghost town that's been fixed up marginally and left to explore. Then, we went deep into the Old 100 Mine in little carts and felt the cold and hardrock damp. At the Mill, we admired their cross-valley tramway and pressed buttons.

The trip was great in order to see the things that have already been done on the Alpine Loop with mine sites, and the Ute Ulay, we hope, will reflect some of the same themes while being quite different.

Our talk was well-received in Silverton by an interesting group of folks. There's a lot of enthusiasm about creative community re-purposing of old mine structures over there!

Finally, we made a moonlit pilgrimage to the Christ of the Mines shrine that looks down over Silverton, keeping miners safe.

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