Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Vision #1: Structure Stabilization

Some of the buildings on the Ute Ulay mine site are in need of immediate protection and stabilization until funding can be secured. The team has identified key buildings and structures in need of care. These were chosen for their importance to the identity of the site, their potential importance to the future of the site, and their structural vulnerability.

The site is split into two areas; above the road (to the north) is the town site, and below the road (to the south) is the mill site.
  • At town site: the headframe, boardinghouse, two log cabins, and water tank.
  • At the mill site: the mill, assayer’s office, and flume head.
structures in need of immediate care
From left to right, top to bottom:
  • Redwood Water Tank
  • Eastern Log Cabin
  • Western Log Cabin
  • Flume Head
  • Miner's Boarding House
  • L-shaped Cabin
  • The Mill
  • Assayer's Office
  • Headframe
For information on how this fits the overall vision see our collaborative vision and three stage approach.

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