Monday, September 26, 2011

A Three Stage Approach

There are many factors which affect the ordering of the different elements we are proposing for the Ute Ulay mine; legal, financial, physical etc. Many of these factors are as yet unknown, and so in the interests of clarity we decided to group our ideas into 3 stages. These stages are imperfect, but are flexible enough to respond to the creativity and resourcefulness of local Lake Citians, as well as external factors.  

Below is an outline of the stages.

Stage 1

STAGE 1: Immediate preservation & stabilization, art as community momentum

Identify key structures for stabilizing:
            2 cabins
            Water tank
            Assayer’s Office
            Flume Head  
Grading and stabilization of town site
            Gabion walls
Bio-remediation project instigated
            Outline function of website, webmaster etc.
Art Projects
            Roof Tarp art project
            Head frame clinic
            Shafts and adits before closure:
            Aeolian Harps 

Stage 2 

STAGE 2: Town site
Deep-energy retrofit hostel and cabins
            Winterized hostel
            Chickens or alpaca farm: producing on-site
Incinerating toilets
            Solar showers
            Interpretive resources and decoration
Development of head frame picnic area
Head frame restoration, picnic area, contemplation space
Water tank projects
Tramway and zip-line, re-establish flume as slide

Stage 3
STAGE 3: Mill site expansion

Access to mill and assayer’s office
            Tours and outside walkways
            Audio tours
Underground passage to river
Tailings pile mountain remediated as monument
Gathering spot in ruins with movies
Ice rink and expanded ice climbing
Alternative energy development in Henson Creek
Sheds as extra hostel space/residency/workshop
Web presence expands/continues
Pika research center

All these ideas will be detailed here on the Hardrock Revision blog in forthcoming weeks...

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