Thursday, July 28, 2011

Envisioning Entropy

By Bland

-A transdisciplinary strategy is developing, like a cloud materializing into a nebulous form. As one must anticipate, this cloud will continue to shift from shape to shape-

While describing the Hard Rock Revision project to locals and tourists alike, it is frequently stated that the team of seven artists are not here to simply paint the site or create a sculpture. Essential to our process is the creative problem solving abilities each of us brings to the table. However, it is becoming apparent that sculpture, installations and other creative elements can serve as tools for both understanding the potential of the project, and possibly generating buy-in for the team’s vision. A sculpture or painting may be understood as an object of contemplation in a gallery setting, but within a transdisciplinary strategy, art can create a powerful impression or memory to compliment and support the resulting vision.

As a result of this thinking, a series of creative interventions is beginning to precipitate. The Artposium may see projects that evoke a sense of wonder, tug on the urge for preservation, or demonstrate the usefulness of toxic materials. One example is a video project, using one of the most dilapidated buildings as a projection screen. The building was hit by a snowplow this past winter, and the roof is falling in quickly. Within the community, the building is frequently mentioned for why action must be taken on behalf of the rest of the Ute Ulay site. The projection (a sketch at this point) may accelerate and make visible the inevitable implosion of the building – an emotional sight with so many historical assets at stake.

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