Monday, July 25, 2011

First (Full) Day Off

We had a for-real day off on Sunday, and a contingent of us hiked up what was the first fourteener for all of us: Handies Peak. We gasped our way through the gorgeous American Basin to the top (pictured: me, Bland, Lydia). Bland brought a kite, but, miraculously, there wasn't a breath of wind on top of this 14,000-foot mountain!

A very cold dip in a lake of snowmelt:
who has better form?


Or... Bland?

The myriad colorful wildflowers in American Basin were a reminder of scale: against the backdrop of the grandiose Rocky Mountains, are smaller, more intricate beauties deeply worthy of attention.

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  1. Wahoo on Handies! Great to meet all of you tonight. I was up on Handies on Saturday actually, and too enjoyed an unusually relaxing time on the summit with no wind and with warm temperatures! Nice pix at Sloan Lake. :) - Leslie, the math teacher at the school here