Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday 25th July 2011.

Meeting with Advisory Board @ D.I.R.T, offices, Lake City, Colorado.

( Downtown Improvement & Revitalisation Team) Anna Macleod

This evening we met with members of the Lake City community who have given up their time to work with the Hardrock Revision group as an advisory board. The ethos of volunteerism in this small community is very strong. It is a mechanism through which most small communities function the world over but here in Lake City the energy and enthusiasm is particularly vibrant.

This initial meeting was an ice breaking exercise where we each introduced ourselves and talked about our interest in community problem solving. Access to the cross range of experiences present in the advisory group is a valuable resource for our group as we begin to separate the wild and ridiculous ideas for the revision of the Ute Ulay mine site from the daring but possible!

We determined how the Hardrock Revision team would utilise the expertise of the advisory board as our process of ideation unfolds over the next couple of weeks culminating in the Artposium on August 13th.

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