Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Becky - My Life So Far

Hello everyone!

Hexhamshire in Northumberland

 As a child playing by the stream and in the woods in rural Northumberland I studied the natural world. After leaving school I went overseas. There I got my first horticultural work and experience of different landscapes – city, desert, ocean, and mountains. In an attempt to develop a career I did a course in linguistics. Half way through I realised that I wanted to find work related to horticulture – I finished the course and thought lots about innate human patterning. Next I became a horticulturist, working on estates, private gardens,  a wonderful nursery and a city-centre community garden project. Finally, I discovered landscape architecture which offered me the chance to incorporate many of my interests into a varied and interesting whole.

I spent six years working with my wonderful colleagues at BCAL on various projects [angel field, drift park, cockermouth, burscough, garden of light...], whilst simultaneously teaching at manchester metropolitan university [MMU]. Two years ago I became a senior lecturer in landscape architecture, and am now focussing on that.

Angel Field by BCAL
I'm looking forward to Hardrock Revision and to meeting you all. I hope to develop new ways of collaborating and to find common enthusiasms and surprising inspirations.

Last Monday I went to see a talk by the Office for Subversive Architecture here in Manchester. I loved their playful approach to projects, especially the vertical car park. And if anyone can find their accompanying text in English I'd appreciate it...

Anwohnerpark Cologne by OSA

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