Monday, April 4, 2011

Grant Pound Background

I first graduated in Wildlife Biology from U of Mich and have worked with coyotes, sage grouse, pygmy rabbits, and prairie dogs. Then I was incarcerated in a laboratory working on immuno-toxicology. While working on my masters (Effects of Selenium on the Immune System of Mus musculus) I discovered the joy of design and switched to the department of Art and Architecture at U of Idaho. I worked in Minneapolis for 18 years as a graphic designer and then moved to Colorado and floundered until starting Colorado Art Ranch in 2005.

Married to Peggy Lawless whom I met at Wildlife Camp.
Two kids: Blake 27, and Alex 25

I will be your facilitator. My job is to keep things moving and stay out of the way (I think). I started this project three years ago.

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